Lease return at Porsche Gold Coast

Porsche Gold Coast is the best place to return your leased Porsche. We will assist you with all aspects from paperwork to dealing with any mileage or condition issues. 

Please remember to bring Both Original Keys, Books, Original Factory Fitted Accessories, Window Sticker, Rear Cargo Cover (SUV) and all accessories for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

Porsche Gold Coast Car Sales Service Parts

Looking for information regarding the Porsche lease-end process? Luckily for you, Porsche Gold Coast is an authorized Porsche Lease Return Center and we are here to explain your options. When your lease is up, you have three primary choices:

  • Buy or lease a new Porsche
  • Finance the vehicle you’ve been leasing
  • Return the lease

With state-of-the-art mechanics and iconic interior and exterior stylings, we don’t expect you to find a comparable vehicle outside of Porsche; however, we understand that you may wish to keep your options open. Before your lease is up, feel free to do your research. Take a peek at our current Porsche lease specials or read on to learn more about the Porsche Lease Pull-Ahead Program to see how you can drive off in a brand new Porsche when you’re at or approaching the end of your current Porsche lease agreement.


Porsche End of Lease FAQs

While shopping for a new Porsche is the most exciting part of the lease-end process, it’s only one part. There are a few questions that have yet to be answered. Feel free to take a look a the FAQs regarding the lease-end process below:

Q: Must I have my Porsche inspected before returning it?
A: Yes. You will be contacted prior to lease-end to book this inspection.

Q: Do I have to return my Porsche to the original Center?
A: No. You can take your Porsche to any Porsche Center. Come to Porsche Gold Coast; we treat our customers like family.

Q: Will I be charged for exceeding the mileage limit?
A: Yes. $0.25 for every mile over the allotted amount.

We hope you find this Porsche lease-end guide helpful. We look forward to assisting you with the lease-end process. Just remember: when you come to return your Porsche, bring your extra set of keys and your Porsche manual. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Porsche Gold Coast in Jericho NY, serving Long Island New York. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

* Available when leasing or financing any model year New or PACPO Porsche through PFS. Contracted term on existing PFS lease agreement must be 24 months or above to be eligible for the program. Single Pay Lease Agreements are not eligible. Customers whose payments are greater than $2,500 (net of use tax) are eligible to receive the $2,500 maximum. Payment amounts above the maximum must be paid including any applicable use tax on the amount paid. Only one EOTLLP offer per eligible PFS account. Vehicles must meet the standard PFS vehicle eligibility requirements of the PFS Lease/Retail Finance Program as applicable and/or the specific vehicle eligibility requirements of the finance or lease program utilized.